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    Bub's Rating System

Five brains: Rewatch it until your eyes bleed.

Four brains: A must see for any fan of the genera.

Three brains: A decent zombie flick. Definitely worth a rent.

Two brains: If you're desperate for something to tide you over.

One brain: Only die-hard zombie fanatics will have the stomach for these!

Bad brains: WARNING!!! May cause lasting psychological trauma!

   Other Rating Systems

     The other reviewers that I've chosen for my site all use a five point system as well, but they don't all work the same as mine. Here's the low-down on what approach they're taking...

     Tarman's Ratings
     Once upon a time, there was a web-site called "Tarman's Basement." It disappeared long ago, but I am bringing it back from the dead here on my site. Tarman's ratings, like mine, are based on how good (or not good) a film is within the zombie movie sub-genera. It should be noted that Tarman's ratings are more representative of mainstream zombie fans than mine are, so take special consideration when our ratings significantly diverge.

     Gort's Ratings
     Gort rates his movies not as to how good they are as zombie movies, but as to how cheesy they are and how much enjoyment he derives from that (he's reviewed a lot of the "so bad that they're good" type of movies). So, don't always expect his views to reflect the opinions of most zombie movie fans. I must also give kudos to Gort for creating and letting me use the buhRAYNZ and BloodPump icons for the points in my rating system. Check out his web-site for more icons, B-movie reviews, and many other goodies.

     You, too, can review!
     If you'd like to become a review contributor to the site, then send me a few samples at AnagramDog@HotMail.com. Please keep reviews relatively brief (one to four paragraphs) and somewhat lighthearted (as with the reviews already appearing on the site) and I'll take them into consideration.

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Fan Access to Celebrity Guests Will Be The Focus

WALKER STALKER CON, a new zombie, horror and science fiction convention will be held at America’s Mart connected to the Westin 
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November 1,2 and 3, 2013. 

It began when The Walker Stalkers podcast with James and Eric (
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"We hope to continue this same kind of access and involvement in 
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“We want fans of TV shows, films and comics in this genre to have a 
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Confirmed guests for the convention include and more to be announced:
Norman Reedus(Daryl)
Greg Nicotero (Executive Producer, The Walking Dead)
Melissa McBride (Carol)
Lauren Cohan (Maggie)
Judith O'Dea (Night of the Living Dead)
Jose Pablo Cantillo (Martinez)
Daniel Thomas May (Allen)
Tyler Chase (Ben)
Lew Temple (Axel)
Vincent Ward (Oscar)
Addy Miller (Little Zombie Girl)
Kylie Szymanski (Penny)
E Roger Mitchell (Paul, The Hunger Games "Chaff")
Adam Green (from the TV Show “Holliston”)
Joe Lynch (Holliston)
Corri English (Holliston)
Laura Ortiz (Holliston)
Parker Wierling ('Asthma Boy' Noah)
Larry Mainland (Zombie)
Sonya Thompson (Zombie)
William Sibley Hart (Zombie)
Sonya Thompson (Zombie)
Moses J Moseley (Michonne's Pet Zombie)
Nick Gomez (Tomas)
Jay Bonansinga (co-author of The Walking Dead Governor Trilogy)

The convention kicks off on 
Friday, November 1 at noon. The exhibit 
floor will be open all three days featuring games, toys, comic and 
other memorabilia for true fans of zombie, horror and science fiction.  

In addition, a tour bus will leave from the hotel to tour area film and 
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For more information, guest announcements and regular updates 
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